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Pianokids®: The PREMIER Piano Course for young students from the age of 4.  Begin with the basics of reading notes, rhythm and proper fingering with fun pieces directly related to children of this age.  A traditional “Middle C” approach with a 21st century slant!

Violinkids®: The PREMIER Violin Course for students from the age of 4.

Note reading from the first lesson!

New!  Guitarkids®  Lesson and Activity Book 1 NOW available.  Guitarkids books

Watch for Book 2 in May 2014.

Lesson Books supply the foundation of the course with fun and imaginative pieces, appealing to young children.

Activity Books supplement the course with writing exercises and ear-training elements.

Fun Books provide very young children with extra activities and pieces.

Coming Soon!  Guitarkids® and Pianokids® in the Classroom!

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Make Pianokids® and Violinkids®Marie-Therese and Eleanor Gummer

a part of your student’s education today!

This method is like a breath of fresh air.  Finally, a method that makes sense!  Just “back to basics” — learning notes the simple way and learning how to count.  The basics of music!  Pianokids® also has Activity and Fun Books which round out the learning process, making the lesson fun and motivating.  Thanks!  Jennifer, M.Mus, Ohio