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One Eye Publications has been in operation since 2009, publishing piano, violin, guitar and early childhood music education method books and curriculums. 

Since operations began in 2009, One Eye Publications has continued to expand our music library by adding method books for children for not only piano, but violin in 2012 and guitar in 2014. 

For many years attempts have been made to “reinvent the wheel” causing confusion in young children learning to play the piano, violin or guitar. So often children also become board and uninterested in their music lessons due to lack of stimulation and interest in their lesson books.

Boo One Eye Publications has filled the void in the children’s method book industry by offering lessons with interested pieces inspired by children, theory exercises children are able to easily understand and have fun doing all while working on ear training and sight-reading skills through fun and exciting games!

                                    SUPPORTING TEACHER EDUCATION

Whether you are a new teacher, a seasoned teacher or an up and coming teacher, your learning never ends! 

One Eye Publications supports teachers by offering:             Male Teacher Playing Guitar With Pupils Having Music Lesson In Classroom                                   

FREE teacher training workshops!

FREE teacher listings!                

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Join us in The Musical Journey by teaching the love of music to children across the globe!